knitted beanieI finished knitting the hat I was talking about yesterday.   It didn’t take long compared to other hats I have knitted on circular needles and/or double pointed needles.  I used a pattern from Red Heart only I wanted to have stripes.

 hat laying flat

My gauge was right on with their pattern.  So, if you like their pattern but want stripes like the one shown here. This is the process I used.

  • Rows 1-30 use color A
  • Rows 31-33 use color B (three rows)
  • Rows 34-39 use color C (six rows)
  • Rows 40-42 use color B (three rows)
  • Rows 46-49  color A (four rows)

After that you will continue with color A to shape the crown according tot he pattern.

I also came across this tutorial video about this same hat!  She adds a two more stitches at the front and back and knits all of them.  I think that would be great for sewing up the seam and plan on using it as I’m doing another one of these hats for my mom.

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