Not much time for knitting today, as I had planned but it was for a great reason!  My mom and grandma came over for a visit and we spent the afternoon visiting and making homemade chicken & dumplings.  Good food and good company!

photoSpeaking of my grandma, the scarf pictured is for her.   I’ve had that yarn for five plus years. I bought it especially to make a scarf for her back then only… every time I started it, I messed it up. Yes, those are all knit stitches so laugh if you must but, I finally got a light-bulb moment and realized what I was doing wrong. I may have to share that embarrassing story with y’all someday but now that I figured it out I’ve been knitting like crazy.  I have five projects going and that is only because I don’t have any more needles.   I’m a little ADD  and I like coffee. lots of coffee.  I have seen around online though it’s not uncommon for knitters to have several projects ongoing so, maybe I’m “normal” whatever that is.

Back to the scarf I’m knitting, I only have about two more inches to knit and I’m done.  I can’t wait to give it to her this Sunday after church.  She has the prettiest blue eyes and I know she will love it cause that is what grandmas do… love stuffs you make for them.  🙂  And if you want a peek into my twisted thinking, she is 89 so I’m happy I got it done before… well you know!




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