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I don’t know if I have mentioned it before but I have ADD and I had it before it was cool cause I’m old and well back then they didn’t have a name for it until I was well into high school.  So what’s my point?  I think the internet and social media can really get me going in lots of directions.   Like if I didn’t have all this maybe I’d have some crochet pattern in a book but now at the click of a mouse all types of free crochet patterns and video tutorials.   And I want to do them all!!!

So… Today I’m on Facebook and I see a contest thing to win a set of crochet hooks.  Well you have to go to YouTube to enter.   Did that and then somehow ran across a video tutorial for Entrelac Crochet.  Needless to say I grabbed some yarn and a hook and off I went.  It’s easy and pretty fun to work.   Below is what I did today.  🙂  Ahh another project.  I need to know when to say no!

Entrelac Crochet


Not much time for knitting today, as I had planned but it was for a great reason!  My mom and grandma came over for a visit and we spent the afternoon visiting and making homemade chicken & dumplings.  Good food and good company!

photoSpeaking of my grandma, the scarf pictured is for her.   I’ve had that yarn for five plus years. I bought it especially to make a scarf for her back then only… every time I started it, I messed it up. Yes, those are all knit stitches so laugh if you must but, I finally got a light-bulb moment and realized what I was doing wrong. I may have to share that embarrassing story with y’all someday but now that I figured it out I’ve been knitting like crazy.  I have five projects going and that is only because I don’t have any more needles.   I’m a little ADD  and I like coffee. lots of coffee.  I have seen around online though it’s not uncommon for knitters to have several projects ongoing so, maybe I’m “normal” whatever that is.

Back to the scarf I’m knitting, I only have about two more inches to knit and I’m done.  I can’t wait to give it to her this Sunday after church.  She has the prettiest blue eyes and I know she will love it cause that is what grandmas do… love stuffs you make for them.  🙂  And if you want a peek into my twisted thinking, she is 89 so I’m happy I got it done before… well you know!




SSC square logoI’m super excited about my brand new knitting blog! I’ve been trying to knit on and off for years and I finally “got it” and I’m loving it.  Oh, and I also love coffee!

I’ve been knitting up lots of different things and can hardly wait to share them with the world.

I have lots of plans for this blog! I’ll be posting more on Monday when my tax dollars are hard at work teaching my children (in other words when they go back to school from Christmas break!)

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