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knitting blanket rib stitchThis past weekend I was looking through different ideas for knitting a baby blanket.  I found this video to knit a Blanket Rib Stitch, posted below.  It uses the knit one front, knit one back (kfb) increase all the way along the first row and then a knit two together (k2tog), purl two together (p2tog), repeat all cross the second row.


I wanted to share it because even with my beginner knitting skills I feel it was an easy thing to knit and it looks pretty on both sides of the fabric.

I’m not a fan of multicolored yarn but I can easily imagine making a baby blanket with the multicolored yarn in the baby yarn section and it looking really pretty.  If I try it anytime soon.  I will definitely post my results.

I think this would be a good pattern to use for a beginning knitter to make a pretty scarf out of as well.

Want to learn to knit the Blanket Rib Stitch?  Check out this helpful video:


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